Is it Really Legal to Rent a Chick?

It is when it is a baby chicken!  This spring, the Country Barn & Barnyard Kingdom are introducing a new ‘Rent a Baby Chick’ Program.

Child awed by Duckling.JPG

For the first time in the Lancaster area, you can rent a baby bird for two weeks over the Easter Holiday season.  Introduce your children to caring for a live animal without a long-term commitment!

Here at the Country Barn, we strive to give families fun, educational and authentic farm experiences--what better way to do that than to care for a baby chicken!  If you aren't sure if your child is ready to care for a pet of their own or how they will handle a new baby sibling, this is the perfect preview!

You and your children will love caring for these cuties, it won't even feel like learning!  This program is a great beginning to teaching your child about responsibility, understanding the value and significance of a young life and building a better appreciation for a small portion of our food system! 

You will love spending time caring for these chicks and will have a lifetime of memories revisiting their birds in the Barnyard Kingdom Chicken Coop each Summer and Fall!

Please visit our 'Spring on the Farm' page for more details!

If you decide to rent a bird this Spring, we would love to hear about your experience!

Child enjoying peeps.JPG