Fall fun on the farm starts now--What's growing on at Country Barn?

Pumpkins, Corn Mazes, Mums, Corn Shocks, Apples--your fall fun is being grown now.

There is no better way to celebrate the Autumn season than on a real-working farm and we are proud to be able to share that with you and your families. 

So what does it take to turn a few seeds into the Fall fun we all know and love?  The students who visit our farm learn that growing crops take good, healthy soil, rain (enough, but not too much), sun (enough, but not too much) and a lot of patience.  They know that when they ride out to the field to pick their very own pumpkin that it started as a few tiny seeds and a lot of nurturing.

This week on the farm we are transplanting the pumpkin seeds we started in our greenhouse out into the fields.  Every year, Country Barn’s farmers plant around 10 acres of pumpkins—that’s about 10 football fields worth!  The perfect pumpkin you pick this fall is already well-on its way to being big (or small), orange (or yellow and green), and smooth (or bumpy)!  Where it goes from there is up to you—jack-o-lanterns, pies, or decorations are all great choices, but for now we will get it started.

This week we are also cutting out our corn maze design.  Planted a few weeks ago, the corn is now about 7 inches tall--not a very challenging maze, but it will get there.  This year the maze's design is in honor of the famous yellow “Country Barn” on our property that is celebrating 150 years this year!  We are excited for you to walk the newly formed paths this summer and fall!

It may only be June, but our minds are on October and we are excited for you to visit us on the farm again soon!