Moo Much? It's National Beef Month!

Here at the Country Barn we produce our own beef, which is why we're taking the time to celebrate May as National Beef Month! Our beef is produced from start to finish on our own Lancaster County family farm and raised without the use of growth performing hormones or antibiotics. We use a special type of cattle for our 100% USA beef known as the Piedmontese. Never heard of the Piedmontese cattle before? Well now you have! Check out some fun facts about the Piedmontese  below:

  • Originally from Italy, the Piedmontese were first raised for draught power
  • The beef from the Piedmontese is naturally lean and tender
  • They are 'double-muscled' meaning rich in proteins and nutrients
  • Known for their superior taste and texture
  • One of the most unique gene pools of any cattle

 Stop by our market today and pick up some premium beef for your whole family to enjoy! Don't forget, Memorial Day is right around the corner. Stop by the market to pick up some fresh produce & beef for all your grilling needs!